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Charna Gross

I have so many stories, although I only knew him for 3 years. I remember one night I was walking Shterna home from something, and Rabbi Rodal was asleep on the floor by the front door, so he’d be there to let her in. I love hearing them tell the story how how they met, […]

Avrohom Rothman

When I received news of his passing, the visual that immediately came to mind was that of his face at the news of his father’s passing.  By Divine Providence, I had slept over that night – and awoke to the scene of Rabbi processing the loss in real time.  It was very raw but in […]

Shawney Fine

We first met Rabbi Rodal at the home of our daughter and son-in-law, The Taylors.  Of course he rode there on his bike!   Without even breaking a sweat!! What joy he always exhibited as he taught our beloved grandsons Noam, Ezra and Gavriel.  Rabbi Rodal’s love of Torah and science was continually sweetened with his contagious sense […]

Nechoma Goldman

I went to camp in CGI Detorit since i was  a very young girl. my parents would have sent me at like 6 but i was too worried about leaving home! my first summer was in 82 and i went every single year even as staff and head staff. Most of the years I was […]

Esther Wiener

   It was impossible to feel unhappy around Rabbi Rodal. My family came to the Rodal’s for many Shabbosim and Rabbi Rodal always made us feel so genuinely welcomed,loved  and appreciated with his smile,warmth and of course jokes. He treated everyone at his table with love, respect and patience and it was plain to see […]

Leib Miller

Dear Rodal family, I am so sorry to hear that Rabbi Rodal was niftar. Please excuse me, but my memories of Rabbi Rodal are limited, yet I still hope worth sharing. Rabbi Rodal was a mythical figure of our childhood. I left Yeshiva Achei Temimim and Pittsburgh in 5751/1991, I have few memories of the […]

Marcia Zlochower

Dear Stherna and family You ask us to share memories of Rabbi Menachem Rodal, who along with you – may you be spared for 120 years – was such an integral part of the Pittsburgh Yeshiva community, for so many years.  That’s a pretty overwhelming task.  Rabbi Rodal – or as I think of him […]

Susan Hirsch

Dear Rabbi Rodal’s Family,         My heart was deeply saddened this week when I learned that Rabbi Rodal OBM had passed away. Rabbi Rodal A”H was a respected and much loved educator. Our children who attended Yeshiva (Chabad) in Pittsburgh all adored him. My eldest son (Rabbi Jonathan Hirsch, Hollywood,FL) was shocked […]

Caryn Gale

I was so saddened to hear the news that Rabbi Rodal passed away.  He really had a strong influence on me and my path to religion and Judaism. Many, many years ago when the Pittsburgh Public Schools went on strike my parents sent me to the Yeshiva.  It was a shock to me.  I had […]

Eli Seidman

Rabbi Rodal AH was our baal koreh at Charles Morris for many years. He read the Torah beautifully. But even more than that, he was kind and sensitive to the residents he met here. He often brought his students along with him. They enjoyed walking with him and, on the way back, they would climb […]