Boruch Noam Dubrow

I was first introduced to Rabbi Rodal way back in sixth grade. I had just moved to California from S. Louis, Missouri. I was coming from a modern orthodox school and entering a Lubavitch school. And though I was a Lubavitcher myself, I was nervous as to how I would be accepted.

All that nervousness was dispelled when Rabbi Rodal pulled up to pick me up for carpool. I got in the van (which had a mezuzah) and was greeted by the friendliest face I have ever scene. See Rabbi Rodal had a very unique smile. His beard was so big you couldn’t see his mouth. The only way to tell if he was smiling was by looking at his eyes which I guess makes it that much more meaningful and powerful. but the smile from his eyes was bigger and brighter than any smile anybody else could do.

Anyway, I get into the van on my first day and am greeted by Rabbi Rodal.

“Good morning Boruch. I’m Rabbi Rodal, I’ll be your bus driver.”

I sit down nervously on the back bench (I’m the shy type). About two minutes into the ride Rabbi Rodal speaks up again.

“Boruch, I hope you don’t mind but I’m not going to be driving through any tunnels on the way to school.”

This seemed a bit strange to me as as far as I knew there weren’t any tunnels on the way to school anyway.

“Is that okay with you?” He asked

I shyly nodded my head.

“Okay good.” He continued. “Because I don’t want us to get Carpool Tunnel Sundrome.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Rabbi Rodal smiled back.

That, ladies and gentleman, is how Rabbi Rodal helped a shy, nervous boy begin the journey to becoming a strong confident man.

That, is who Rabbi Rodal is.

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