Moish Tombosky

Rabbi Rodal OB”M

Rabbi Rodal was my teacher through grade school at Yeshiva Achei Tmimim and he was an amazing role model for me. Rabbi Rodal was ageless, when teaching about Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac he would tell you that he was there, if he was talking about Noah and the flood he will give you a full account of what happened as a spectator and the conversation he had with Noah. He brought us to the Torah as well as the Torah to us. His corny jokes which I adopted into my cartooning helped me connect to learning through word association which at that time was not common amongst serious teachers with a strict agenda. Bringing baby chicks to school or extended recess was not uncommon. When I think of Rabbi Rodal six words come to mind, “Why are you hacken a chainik”, you knew you pushed too far when you heard those words combined with raising his yarmulka off his head into the air as if a puff of steam blew it off. However, he always resumed the conversation with a smile and a corny joke which made you groan. But my best memories of my teacher and friend, Rabbi Rodal was Melave Malka’s starting at Sack’s house with Buster the dog energetically sniffing and pushing his way through the kids as we listened to a story and ate snacks followed by gym and swim at Alderdice High School where you could definitely find Rabbi Rodal playing soccer in black shoes, black pants and flowing kapata as he kicked the ball down the court. Rabbi Rodal’s class was the last class you could be a kid until you had your Bar Mitzvah and moved up to Rabbi Munitz’s class which was a more serious class. By looking at the legacy he has left behind and his amazing family who we are all so fond of. We will transform our loss into our strength and continue to honor our teacher, our friend and our family. Rabbi Rodal will sorely be missed. May we be reunited together with our loved ones with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days!

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