Noam Ze’ev Taylor

For a very long time, I couldn’t read Hebrew or English.  My 1st grade teachers and principals told my parents to give up and send me to a public school.  The very last thing that my parents thought they would end up with was me sitting in Yeshiva in Michigan!


By siyata d’shemaya, a very special person was sent by HKBH to help me:  An ehrlich yid who combined patience and diligence to take my skills to the next level, and then to the next level, and again to the next!  Slowly but surely, I learned.  And now I’m soon going to finish my first mesechta of Gemora.


In the 5th grade, I was put in the lower Gemora class.  When I was in 6th grade, I met Rabbi Rodal.  For an entire year, Rabbi Rodal sat with me, did my homework with me, and helped me with my Gemora skills.  He got me to the top of the class, and for the entire year, I got straight Alephs in Gemora.


He also helped me ‘wow’ everyone at my Bar Mitzvah with my leining.  I sincerely wish that my brother, Ezra, could have enjoyed the gift of having Rabbi Rodal as a Bar Mitzvah teacher.


We moved to Cleveland and I enrolled in 7th grade in the Hebrew Academy.  I soon learned that the skills that Rabbi Rodal infused into me quickly took form, and aided me greatly in my Gemora studies.


Now I find myself in at the Mesivta of West Bloomfield, learning many hours a day.  My love of learning was planted by Rabbi Rodal and has sprouted into what I am today.  And I am still growing thanks to Rabbi Rodal who instilled in me a hope and determination to do well in my studies.


Rabbi Rodal, may your neshama have the loftiest of aliyahs, and may your memory always be a blessing!!

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