Rabbi yitzchak Sapo

Rabbi Rodal was one of a kind. The kindness in his eyes was a reflection of his entire essence and character. Not only could he never hurt a fly, he stood out for his incredible love of nature and animals and was a very popular teacher of both children and adults. He recognized G-dliness in everything he came across and made it his life’s mission to share that joy and amazement with everyone.

Several years ago, Rabbi Rodal was the scholar-in-residence at a Westlake Shul Tu B’Shvat weekend. Thanks to LA traffic, he and his wife, amy she be well, arrived with but a few moments to spare before Shabbos. Rabbi Rodal began unloading his “nature exhibits” which he then used to enthrall his listeners with.

I don’t recall him ever raising his voice or losing his temper. He was truly a pious, kind and gentle soul.

On another personal note, many years ago he worked as camp rabbi in Detroit. That summer, Jay Markowitz (son of Kathy and Bruce) attended the camp and Rabbi Rodal prepared him for his Bar Mitzvah. I recall Jay being amazed many months later when Rabbi Rodal called him on the day of his Bar Mitzvah to wish him a mazel tov.

Many of you heard me speaking about the What’s App that was created in his honor that had Jews around the world reciting Tehillim (Psalms) in his merit. He passed away during the One Hundredth recital. That’s 15,000 chapters of Tehillim and millions of words that were said just in the past 2 weeks for this very special person.

May the sweetness of his soul and personality bring comfort to Devorah, her siblings and mother, and the entire family.

It’s so much easier to write about simchas 🙁

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